What a Grand day

I don’t recall exactly what started the whole conversation, but Nick and I one morning discussed via text message, paddling the Grand River. Start to finish. From Elora to Lake Erie.

This plan was quickly changed due to the fact I don’t currently have any vacation time left. So we thought we’d do it in stages.

What’s shown here is what’s run by Canoe the Grand </


We have already done the Freeport to Riverbluffs stretch. As well as I think, Blair to Galt. So this weekend we decided to paddle Paris to Brant Conservation area. The journey is only 3-4 hours but we weren’t looking to hurry.


We would drive ahead to Brant and leave Nicks bike. Then go to Paris to launch the canoe. Nick would then ride back for the car, then drive down to get me and Big Red. Sounds a bit complicated but it’s the best we can do with one vehicle. For some of the really long stretches we want to do, we’ll have to recruit a friend to give us a lift.

We also brought Fingal along whose always keen to go for a swim. Though he still has to work on his canoe etiquette.



We arrived here to launch the canoe, and there was a baby raccoon that had apparently fallen out of the tree. He had climbed back up so far, but seemed too scared to go higher.
He was at a convenient petting hight.



With Big Red loaded up and ready to go we launched below the dam.



The thing about the Grand River is it’s usually pretty shallow. Which means I have to look out for rocks. I hate rocks. I usually prefer slow moving water or lakes. Even the Grands ‘rapids’ were making me nervous.

Found this little spot to stop and have a snack.



I also found these for my collection.


Our next stop a ways down river had a nice cool creek running into it. We heard it was a good spot to fish so we busted out the rod.






Perhaps an hour after this we made it to Brant. Where I sat in the shade waiting for Nick to return.


If you’re interested in canoeing the Grand River, but you don’t have a canoe, you can visit Canoe the Grand

Or get trip ideas from The Grand River Conservation Authority




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