Big plans end in miserable failure.

Please note that this post contains symptoms that been reduced in its description to avoid grossing you out. However that does not decrease the severity of the illness.

Big Plans
Nick and I had these wonderful plans to paddle Kawartha Highlands this weekend. I have heard so many people speak highly of it, and I was dying to see it for myself. But fate had other plans.

Thursday morning I woke up with a bad trip to the toilet. It happens. Some times we eat bad stuff. Usually a half hour later I feel better. But no. All day I felt like I had this vice around my insides. Constantly on that verge of am I or aren’t I? What end will it be?

When our delivery arrived, usually the driver and I are quite chatty but I couldn’t shake the feeling like I was going to vomit. So he jokingly says to me, “why don’t you go throw up or something. Here I’ll get you started” and he began to make gagging noises.

Less than 5 minutes later I sent him this.


I’ve never thrown up at work before. I’ve passed out, but never thrown up. That’s always been a personal rule of mine too, if I vomit…I’m out of here!

It’s also worth noting at this point that I ended up falling out of a chair and slamming my tailbone into the floor. Not exactly something you want to do when you have wooden canoe seats.

I’d go home and I’d spend the next 24 hours feeling horrid. Chills and sweats, never sure if I needed to be on or over the toilet. Both happened anyway.

And all the while my camping gear would occasionally glare at me from the dining room.


Tomorrow I will call the Doctor. Get my self checked out.

I suspect I that Giardia is the culprit but we shall see.

I’ve eaten so my condition is improving. I’m feeling up for a night out so we will head to Wildwood on Sunday. Relax, camp and do some fishing.


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