Girls just wanna have fun!

Sometimes us ladies like to spend a weekend away with our girlfriends. Thankfully, my closest of them are campers! I knew that a weekend away with them was a must! Sarah and I have group camped a number of times over the years. Linda and I camped for the first time together last year with my sister at Falls Reserve Conservation Area . This year, we would camp out in new territory.

Friday July 18, 2014

Friday evening Sarah and Deanna drove up from Hamilton, to meet with Linda and  to load up the car. To make things easy, I decided I would provide 99% of the gear. Well, maybe only about 80% of it ended up being able to fit in Deanna’s Fiesta.



We were packed in there tight! Only breathing room to spare!



Packed up, we hit the road. We had a 2.5 hour drive to MacGregor Point.

We made a quick stop at Tim Hortons about half way through.

We also passed through a small town that had a ‘Pandora’s Pantry.’ I had to laugh as I thought about how most people probably don’t want to open the door.


The sun set had completely set by the time we got to the park. We quickly set up our tents (as quick as you can in the dark!) and I got a fire going so we could cook our dinner.



Saturday July 19th

In the morning, I got the fire started to make breakfast. On the menu: oatmeal, scrambled eggs and breakfast sausages. There was the threat of rain, so we got to getting our tarp set up. It can be tricky when you don’t have the trees conveniently placed, but we made it work.

We were on site #303 in the Huron camp ground, which is a radio free zone. I was very pleased at how private the campsites are. We had to squint through the trees to count that there were 6 neighbouring camp sites. The other thing I loved was how quiet it was. Except for the birdsong. There are birds singing here almost all day long, and it’s the most lovely sound!

After breakfast we decided to take a walk before it was supposed to start raining. We decided to check out the beach.



Once we reached the lake, Sarah and I immediately felt like we were back at Rock Point.





I took a stroll over to the point to see what there was to photograph. Though I didn’t see any, I had heard others say they saw some snakes.





We headed back to the campsite, where we snacked on some summer sausage, and this enormous cucumber that was given to Linda by her co-worker. Picked from her own garden.
It had been in the cooler overnight and it was the most crisp and delicious cucumber I’ve ever tasted!

IMG_1073  IMG_1070  IMG_1071  IMG_1074  IMG_1075

We spent the day just hanging out and relaxing around the campsite. It had started to rain a little, so we decided to get a second tarp set up over our other picnic table. Our set up worked great! it rained pretty steadily, though not heavy, for the rest of the day, but we were kept dry and comfortable.


Deanna and I played a little bit of badminton, and Linda and I tossed a beach ball around in the rain.



One of my favourite novelties to bring car camping, are glow sticks. I’ve been bringing dozens them for years, and hang them along our ropes, tarp corners, and around the bottoms of poles and tent pegs. If you buy they big ones, they add just enough glow over the tables that you don’t need a flashlight. That and y’know, they just look super cool!






Sunday July 19th

After feasting again on oatmeal, eggs and sausage for breakfast, we began to dismantle camp and pack up the car. it had rained over night, so we decided to take a walk to the other beach, while we left the tents out to dry.


We decided to mosey on further down to what I think was called ‘sunset point’.




Sunset Point




I couldn't get the girls to pose with me on the picnic table because Deanna insists she saw a leech.

I couldn’t get the girls to pose with me on the picnic table because Deanna insists she saw a leech.

It was such a wonderful relaxing weekend with my closest ladies. If you’re looking for a weekend away with your spouse, or as a family, I highly recommend that you visit MacGregor Point.

The next time I get together with these ladies again, will be to spend the night at Waverly Hills Sanatorium so stay tuned for that adventure!




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