My Wild Canada Camp Out 2014

Well my friends, we’ve been chatting with one another for quite some time now, some of us longer than others. We’ve shared a number of our experiences with each other and I think it’s time we all got to experience our wild Canada together!

This will be the first ever, and who knows, maybe even annual, My Wild Canada Camp out. It will be held Saturday September 27th – Monday September 29th 2014. Our destination will be the big, beautiful and wild Canisbay Lake in Algonquin Park, Ontario.

The goal for the My Wild Canada Camp out is to have fun! Which won’t be hard to do since all of our favourite activities will be at out finger tips! There will be hiking, canoeing/kayaking and fishing galore! Fun things that we can all do together as we get to know one another face to face!

At this early stage of the game, I would like to get some numbers on who is able to attend the event. If you know you’re attending, or just aren’t sure get in touch with me!

There is limited space available at the campground so we must act quickly. Up to 6 people are allowed per campsite, and since it’s only electrical sites available, I thought we could all share campsites. We can accommodate more people and share the cost!

Right now what I need to do is get a feel for numbers. If you are committed to coming or just aren’t sure yet please email me the following information:
*Name (and twitter handle since most of us aren’t on a first name basis)
*Email address
*Number of people in your party
*Are you bringing pets (if yes, are they okay around other dogs?)
*Dates of arrival/departure if committed
*Do you wish to share a campsite or would you prefer your own
*Do you have additional room in your vehicle for an extra person if required (we have a solo paddler who will already be in the park)

That should be all the information I need to get me started. You will be added to a mailing list, and will receive updates via email. Updates can also be found here on my blog. This can all be emailed to me at
Please make sure to put My Wild Canadian Camp Out as the subject otherwise I may not see your email.
please get in touch with me by Wednesday July 30th
You can also direct message me on twitter @levacas and we are using the hashtag #MWCC2014

In the mean time Remember to join us Wednesdays at 2:00pm for our #mywildcanada twitter chat. Remember to use the hashtag!

July 25, 2014
Thought you should all know we are in the process of submitting an application to to turn our meet up into a fundraiser! MEC has invited us to take on their Big Wild Challenge in an effort to raise money for the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. So not only do you get to spend the weekend in one of Canada’s most beautiful parks and meet awesome people, but we get to raise money for something we all love!
You can find more information on the Big Wild Challenge here

UPDATE July 30, 2014

Okay all, I have extended the date for application until Tuesday August 5th 2014. There are a few people away and are unable to reach me.

I have calculated the current cost of camping to be $50 per couple (since most are booking in pairs) this cost includes the camping, reservation & pay pal fees (they charge 2.9% + $0.30 for me to receive payments). The $50/couple rate will decrease as we add people to campsites.

Once I have received all confirmations by August 5th, I will be requesting that payments be sent to me through PayPal. I have the email addresses for those who are participating, and an email invoice will be sent to you. I wish to collect payment prior to making the reservation. Once reservations are made, all fees are NON REFUNDABLE
Any other costs associated with camping are your own responsibility. (Eg: rentals, gas, food, parking for additional vehicles etc…) (the park allows two cars per campsite)
Once reservations are confirmed, on August 5th due date for payment will be August 10th 2014
I am leaving for Alberta on the 22nd and wish to have everything booked before I leave.

So far this is our list of attendees:
@DiscoverHockley x2
@ManCamping x2
@CanadianVoyage x2
@Paddle_In x group
@Some_Eventful x 3
Plus me and my husband of course!
We’d love to have more of you join us!

We were thinking initially of having a pot luck dinner, but to save time and preparation, we’ve decided on doing a recipe swap. Bring a few of your favourite camping recipes to share with others!

Remember, even if you can’t attend, you can still donate to a good cause! More information on how you can donate to CPAWS will be available soon.

Stay tuned for updates.


Okay everyone who has registered, the costs per person for the camping have been calculated. You will be receiving your invoice via email shortly. PLEASE HAVE ALL PAYMENTS IN BY FRIDAY AUGUST 15th when making your payments, please include license plate numbers for all vehicles parked on site. Please be advised it is 2 cars/site. If you have an additional vehicle you are responsible for any parking related costs.
I will be in Kentucky that weekend, and campsites will be booked on my return Monday August 18th.

Even though I am taking reservations, the My Wild Canada Camp Out is still an open event. If you wish to attend you are more than welcome to book your own campsites.

Information regarding donations to CPAWS is still pending.

UPDATE August 18, 2014
Okay so I have some more details regarding the camp out!

We have our donation page set up and you can read more about it here:

My Wild Canada Big Wild Challenge even if you can’t attend the meet up, please donate to our cause. We all love the environment so let’s all give a little back!

Also, we will have a very special visitor. One that I must say, am most honoured to have attending. The living spirit of Canadian artist Tom Thomson. Here is a link to what he has in store for us:

Campsites will be booked by the end of the week before I leave for Alberta. I am just awaiting payment for the last of our party members. Your site numbers will be emailed to you once they are booked.


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    Thank you Tales of Me – aka @levacas on Twitter for planning this wonderful event! The response is amazing already! Can’t wait to meet everyone at the #mywildCanada Twitter Camp – we can all sit around the campfire and tweet each other in person! Hahaha

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