Waverly Hills Sanatorium


I don’t by any means consider myself an expert on the paranormal. I would say my knowledge in the field is more than the average person due to my extreme interest on the subject. I have a lot of common sense when it comes to trying to debunk my experiences. But some times things present themselves in ways that you can’t deny what happened. But you can’t exactly prove them either. Since paranormal investigating isn’t an exact science. All I know is, what happens to me, I know to be real.

So, do you believe in ghosts?

As I’m sure you’ve figure out, I do. Not just ghosts but a lot of strange phenomena. UFO’s, cryptozoology, faeries, anything that’s strange and unexplained. Even before I started having experiences, I was always drawn to ghost stories and things that go bump in the night. But as I grew up and started to experience things for myself, it just solidified my belief that an afterlife exists. I could write a book about all my experiences, I’ve had so many. Everything from odd sounds, my name being called, seeing objects move, having premonitions, seeing full bodies apparitions and even direct spirit communication.

Back in 2004 I developed a relationship with a couple who had started up a paranormal company (this couple is now divorcing and there are legal issues over the company name so I have chosen to not use it at this time.) They would host events and investigations. About 5 years ago, they started doing bus trips to the United States to do overnight investigations. Since they started this, I have been on a total of 7 paranormal investigations.
Twice I have investigated the Ohio State Reformatory famous for being the prison in the movie The Shawshank Redemption. I have also investigated West Virginia State Penitentiary, the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Rolling Hills Asylum, Hill View Manor, and then last, but certainly not least Waverly Hills Sanatorium.

Anyone who is interested in the paranormal knows about Waverly Hills. There have been stories coming from here for decades, and it has developed a reputation for being one of the most haunted locations in the world. As a result of this, Waverly has been on my bucket list my whole life!

IMG_1223 IMG_1221

Here is a brief history on Waverly Hills.
sections are taken directly from the Waverly Hills website

It could accommodate at least 400 + patients and was considered one of the most modern and well equipped facilities at the time. Construction began in March 1924 and opened on October 17, 1926. The facility served as a tuberculosis hospital until 1961, when the discovery of an antibiotic that successfully treated and cured TB rendered the facility obsolete. It was closed down and quarantined, then renovated. In 1962, the building reopened as WoodHaven Medical Services, a geriatric facility. WoodHaven Medical was closed by the state in 1981.

Over the next few decades Waverly Hills would fall into more dark times. Vandalized, damaged, nearly condemned. Previous property owners had no desire to maintain the buildings luster, and did little to stop people from slowly destroying her. But in 2001 Waverly Hills Sanatorium was purchased by historical and paranormal enthusiasts Charles and Tina Mattingly.

They also did a number of experimental treatments on people at the Sanatorium as well. Things such as purposely inflating the lungs up to 6 months, removing ribs to access healthy tissue which would require a minimum of 4 surgeries all performed while patients were awake, but only given morphine for pain, or leaving sand bags on patients chests. Electro shock therapy was also administered to those with TB of the brain.

As far as the paranormal aspect of things, you name it and this location is said to have it. Full bodies apparitions, shadow people, voices, lights, people are often touched and objects move on their own.

It would be a long tiring weekend. Our group of 53 people (I attended with my mother, sister and two of my girlfriends, Sarah and Linda) we would leave Ontario at 11:30am Saturday August 16th, and arrive in Louisville Kentucky at 11:30 pm. We would then spend 8 hours overnight walking around in the dark investigating.


For the most part I was excited about the trip. That is until the sun started to set and it got dark. Then I began to feel very unsettled.

On the ride down, Stephanie and Cathy, the organizers, would have certain items for sale. Pendulums, boards, and crystals. Quartz crystals for example are said to offer protection from negative spirits. I have never been in the possession of one on any of my trips. But my best friend Sarah turned to me and said quite seriously, “I’m buying you a crystal.” I said okay, but that I had to choose my own. When I walked up to pick my crystal, Stephanie looked at me and said, “I’m really interested to see what crystal you pick.” She opened the box, and I immediately felt drawn to one. I grabbed it and said, “it’s this one. I don’t know why, but I know it this one.” She looked at me all wide eyed. I said, “you knew I was going to pick this one didn’t you?” She couldn’t explain it. She said “I’ve been drawn to that specific one all day and couldn’t figure out why. I just assumed it was meant for someone but wasn’t sure who.” The moment I held that crystal in my palm, I felt much calmer. I carried it with me all through the night and maybe that explains why I felt a little braver.

When we arrive at Waverly, we registered and were spilt into groups for the tour. When we were on the second floor the guide stood outside of a room and told everyone to go inside. My mother walked in and immediately began to cry. Stephanie became so sick that she was out of commission the rest of the night. I walked in and walked back out. There was something so heavy in that room. But I decided to brave it and walked back in, but I could not stand in the middle of the room. Which was where the operating table would have been.

Later on in the night we would return to this room to investigate and would receive some surprising evidence.

We sat in a circle on the floor to conduct an EVP session and we were also using an EMF detector as spirits are believed to emit electro magnetic energy. We started asking questions. Typically one asks yes or no questions, and the spirit can indicate positive or negative responses by fluctuating their EMF energy which would be read on our equipment.
After asking a few questions, we began getting responses and determined that we were speaking to a former surgeon who had contracted TB and had passed away. I had decided to lie on the floor, and asked to be examined. We weren’t getting responses so my sister asked the question, “Can you tell us her name?” and when we played back the recording, you can hear a mans voice immediately reply, “Sarah” yet our EMF had indicated that it didn’t know my name. But I guess it knew Sarah’s…

It was also in the room that we experienced an ice cold draft (it was 35C and crazy humid over night!) and was covered head to toe in pins and needles. It was like I could feel something was right on top of me. My sister decided to also try lying on the floor. When she did so, I said, “I brought my sister here because she’s sick. You have the most advanced treatment here, can you cure her.” All this time my mother is taking a series of pictures. The first few you can see light reflecting off dust.

But the next picture shows a tennis ball sized ball of white light floating over her chest.


Nothing in the next picture. Then there’s an orb over her face.

orb head

Next picture has nothing and the last one shows the white orbs in movement heading out the door and after that, all communication ceases.

orb leaving

The reports from the third floor were probably the most terrifying I’ve heard. The crawler. A three foot shadow of a person that crawls along the walls and ceiling, and it will come after you. Except you’re told not to run. If you allow it to approach, it dissipates. If you run, it will chase you. Thank fully we didn’t encounter the crawler. But it was here that we captured our second voice on tape. You can hear Linda say, “oh my god. Did you see that?” and my sister says, “yea, like a head poking out of a doorway.” There is 15 seconds of silence and you hear a mans voice whisper, “Shadow ___” and then 10 seconds of silence before we begin talking.|
IMG_1180 IMG_1186
It was also on this floor we were able to communicate with the spirit of a male nurse, who had contracted TB and died in hospital. We even found which room was his by pointing and receiving acknowledgment via EMF.


We also were able to communicate with the spirit of a man, who didn’t want to talk to us because we were women. He didn’t like women because he had a bad relationship, and after that he ceased all communication.


There is a part of Waverly Hills that is famous. The Death Chute. It’s currently 500 feet long. It used to be 1500 feet until part of it collapsed. It runs downhill at a 45 degree angle, has a ramp on one side and stairs on the other. At the height of the TB outbreak, it’s said that Waverly had a death an hour. So to keep morale up for those still living, the bodies would be carted out through the death chute. I didn’t think I could even set a foot down into it, let alone walk the whole length but we did. We got half way and decided to sit in the dark and just listen. You could hear rapping on metal which we attributed to natural causes. What wasn’t natural though was the sound of shuffling feet and short gasping noises like someone short of breath. We walked down to the end and back. Verifying that we were the only ones in the tunnel. But the size of the spiders down there were far scarier than any ghost!

IMG_1193 IMG_1192

Another thing I would see throughout the night were lights. Small bright coloured lights that would flash for a second and then disappear.

We investigated until 8:00 Sunday morning, but we stood on the roof and watched the sunrise.

As light filled through the hallways, the building felt lighter and I wasn’t afraid to wander off on my own and take some pictures.


Looking back, I didn’t walk away with the experiences I was hoping for. But that came from
having expectations that were too high. But paranormal investigating is always hit and miss. You have to be in the right spot at the right time in the right conditions. But I am in no way disappointed. It always feels good being able to cross an item off your bucket list.

If you’re interested in the paranormal, or even just the buildings history, I highly recommend making the trip to Louisville Kentucky!


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