Little Camper 

I’ve always joked that I was raised in a tent because a lot of my childhood memories are family camping trips. 

I wanted to give Elsie those same memories. Now, mind you she won’t remember these trips at her young age but an appreciation for the outdoors, and getting used to sleeping outside, starts at a young age. 

We have this fantastic Conservation Area a short drive from our home called Laurel Creek. We’ve spent a numbers of afternoons there but I’ve always refused to spend the night. “Why would I want to camp so close to home?” But we chose to bring Elsie on her first camping trip here for that reason. So that if she became inconsolable in the middle of the night Nick could pack her up and go home. 

The campsite that we were able to get for the evening was a gorgeous waterfront campsite. 

I love this spot so much! This proved to me that you can have a great in city camping experience. It’s surprisingly quiet. The frogs and crickets do an excellent job of blocking out the odd vehicular noise. 2 of the 3 nights we’ve stayed there so far, we had spectacular fire fly shows! 

But Elsie really seems to be into this whole camping thing! 

It will take time (and practise) to get into a camp bedtime routine, and to get accustomed to sleeping outdoors but so far she’s doing great. 

She just loves to play in the fresh air!

We’ve enjoyed this site so much I’ve come back for an evening camping with my girlfriend, and just recently our second trip with Elsie where she learned the mesmerizing effect the campfire has on a person.  

I am looking forward to so many more mornings like this with my family! 


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