This week my daughter turned one! 


It’s kinda weird when you say it out loud. Everyone who has kids will tell you the second your first child is born, “It goes by quick.” You kind of laugh and think, sure. Then the next thing you realize they’re right and then you find yourself saying it to others. 

Sunday we had all of our closest friends and family over to celebrate. I had decorated the house the night before while Elsie slept so it would be a fun surprise for her in the morning. It didn’t disappoint. She was delighted by her decorations! 

I had also decided to make Elsie’s smash cake. I found a really simple recipe using bananas and applesauce that was sugar and egg free. Of course she loved it! 

The next day was her actual birthday and with the weather being reasonable we decided to go out for a hike. 

We headed up to Rockwood Conservation Area. We hadn’t been there since we did our pregnancy announcement photos. 

We sat down to enjoy our lunch and noticed there wasn’t anyone around. Although there were cars in the parking lot we didn’t see anyone around the beach or on the trails. It was great!

We got Elsie all suited up for her first hike in the carrier. She really enjoyed the view from her Daddys back! 

Along the way we found an impossibly tiny toad! Can you find it?

How about now?

I couldn’t resist holding the tiniest toad we’ve ever seen. 

Soon we found a little park and had some fun on the slide.

Then we traded the slide for some ruin exploration. 

With Elsie now starting to explore on her own feet brings being outdoors to a whole other level. I love seeing everything as if it were new again and teaching her a love for the outdoors early on. I look forward to all the years we have to come! 


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